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What is a Driver?

A driver is a tiny program that helps specific devices on your PC to function.
Drivers can be “in charge” of different aspects in your hardware functionality.
Many specific drivers exist for each device you have, be it your DVD, Video, Sound, net, Monitor etc.
Each Device manufacturer produces specific drivers for their hardware, so, for example, if you have an HP printer, you use a bunch of specific HP drivers, to help your computer communicate with the HP printer.

What are outdated drivers?

Outdated drivers are drivers that no longer support your hardware or OS new functionality, be it because of device upgrade, operating system upgrade, or even if you change, remove, or update another driver…
Drivers can be corrupt if you install/uninstall new programs.
Drivers can conflict with other drivers, and cause problems, or be damaged if you update your windows version.
Drivers can also be damaged as a result of exposure to viruses, malware or spyware.

How do outdated drivers effect your system?

  • The device will stop functioning properly (poor sound or image quality etc)
  • Your internet connection might slow down to a halt
  • Your computer might slow considerably
  • The time your PC takes to reboot will grow considerably
  • Error messages pop ups

What is the windows device manager?

The windows device manager is a built-in program on your PC, which provides you with information regarding the devices and drivers installed on your system.
With it you can check if the drivers you have are corrupt, and get the driver description, name, version and serial number.
You can also use it to install updated drivers (if you have them), or disable and uninstall disfunctioning drivers.
Windows device manager also enables you to detect some of the possible driver conflicts, and configure the resource settings.

What can I do to fix it?

The problem is that windows device manager can’t tell you if the drivers you have are latest version.
Most of the times, if you are experiencing driver related problems, the source of the problems is an outdated (but not corrupt) driver. In these cases, windows device manager will not be able to detect the problem.
The only way to fix these problems is by downloading the updated versions. This can be done either automatically (by using a driver checker) or manually (by going to the manufacturer website, finding the correct updated version, downloading it and installing it with the device manager).
(you don’t have to know the name and version of the driver you are after, it detects all outdated drivers on your system and replaces them with the updated ones).

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